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New York, 1933: The city and the nation are in the depths of the Great Depression. The crime families of New York have prospered in this time, but with the coming end of Prohibition, a battle is looming that will determine which organizations will rise and which will face a violent end.

For Vito Corleone, nothing is more important than his family's future. While his youngest children, Michael, Fredo, and Connie, are in school, unaware of their father's true occupation, and his adopted son Tom Hagen is a college student, he worries most about Sonny, his eldest child. Vito pushes Sonny to be a businessman, but Sonny - 17 years old, impatient, and reckless - wants something else: To follow in his father's footsteps and become a part of the real family business.

An exhilarating and profound novel of tradition and violence, of loyalty and betrayal, The Family Corleone will appeal to the legions of fans who can never get enough of The Godfather, as well as introduce it to a whole new generation.


The Family Corleone

"In The Family Corleone, Ed Falco deftly pulls off a feat of literary necromancy, bringing back to life one of the most iconic figures in American popular culture: Don Vito Corleone."

     -- George De Stefano, author of An Offer We Can’t Refuse: The Mafia in the Mind of America, and member of the National Book Critics Circle.

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"Falco has captured Puzo’s rich prose style and eye for detail ... if you want to read another installment of the Corleone story, The Family Corleone is a solid piece of work." 

--Patrick Anderson in The Washington Post Book World.

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Falco has produced a gripping, vibrant portrayal of the rise of Italian-American organised crime in New York during the Great Depression. . . . One of Falco’s achievements is his portrayal of the discrimination against the influx of Italian immigrants and how this resulted in a close, and closed, Italian-American world. . . . . As befits a novel based on a screenplay, The Family Corleone sweeps along with cinematic vigour. Falco is particularly skilled at making believable the transitions of the characters in his novel, to those who are etched in the collective western mind from The Godfather.

               ––Business Day

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Grand Central Book Trailer

The Family Corleone

The Washington Post picks The Family Corleone as one of five "Best Audiobooks of 2012"

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Why hasn't The Family Corleone been made into a 4th Godfather film? Check out the podcast.

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NPR With Good Reason radio interview on writing The Family Corleone.

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CineRanter Interview: The Godfather & The Family Corleone.

Part One

Part Two

Condensed Interview

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