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Recently, Grand Central Publishing announced plans for a prequel to Mario Puzo's The Godfather, to be written by our very own Ed Falco - of whom the New York Times Book Review noted, "There is in Mr. Falco's fiction a little of Raymond Carver's sensitivity to the menace of the everyday, and a lot of Andre Dubus's sturdy empathy with his characters' failings and regrets."

The Family Corleone will hit bookstores everywhere in May - but you don't need to wait that long to read Falco and discover why he is such an obviously perfect choice for the Corleone family. You can read excerpts now from the "compelling," "vivid," "intense," and "brilliant" books of master storyteller, Ed Falco.

This sampler includes excerpts from:

SAINT JOHN OF THE FIVE BOROUGHS - a beautifully turned, stunning and layered novel about the effects of violence, abandonment, and the nature of redemption. Edward Falco once again proves to be a master of urgency and suspense, of events careening out of control, as he brilliantly explores why we make the choices we make - both the ones that threaten to destroy our lives, and those choices that might save us.

WOLF POINT - a taut, dramatic literary thriller that examines betrayal, trust and forgiveness. Driven as much by its sizzling story as by it razor-sharp prose, Wolf Point delivers the powerful tale of a man who realizes, perhaps too late, that he actually has something to live for. Edward Falco brings stunning emotional depth and tense action to unforgettable characters as they journey toward places where human illusions fail and they must face their hidden selves.

SABBATH NIGHT IN THE CHURCH OF THE PIRANHA - for some years now, Ed Falco has quietly established his place among the absolute best American storytellers. Falco's stories are dangerous as a high-wire act without a net, filled with dramatic action and peopled with believable characters challenged by events into making risky moral choices, so emotionally true that the readers will carry them around for a long time. The decisions Falco's characters make reveal their bonds, the set of their hearts, and the harsh nature of the world we all live in today.

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Ed Falco Sampler

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